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Three Days of Pain Gumroad Edition (Gut Punching, Muscle Domination, 2-on-1 etc.)

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(NOTE: A version a few minutes longer than this one including nudity and a happy ending is available at my Clips4Sale studio at

We're excited to release our most epic discounted compilation yet, combining a short, previously unavailable scene with the first eight clips our Clips4Sale studio released to tell the story of how Devon met three of his most popular batterers and took beatdowns three consecutive days in a row, with his abs getting more and more sore with each session.

Taking Hard Punches in New York: This is the first footage Devon filmed with the hot stud he later filmed Hot Abs in Hell's Kitchen with. Although only a fraction of their meeting was captured on film, you can tell from these few minutes and how red Devon's abs get that the puncher left him plenty sore for what came next over the next two nights.

Ripped Abs Gut Punched Hard in Hartford: Jose, who later became known as Ash DeLeon of BG East fame, pounds Devon's shredded abs with intensity and variety, mixing up the punches as well as digging his fist into Devon's navel and leaning all his weight in while Devon moans with pleasure. Jose also plays with Devon's succulent, perky nipples; and while there's no nudity in this scene, Jose gives Devon's bulge lots of attention and there's no doubting how much Devon is turned on by the beating he's taking as he flexes his muscles harder and harder. Jose gets some brutal elbows in near the end. Highly recommended if you love great sensual chemistry between puncher and punchee - and a stud who's not afraid to make ecstatic noise while he's getting a truly erotic ab workout.

Gut Punched and Manhandled with Arms Restrained Overhead: The always-prepared Jose brought restraints to keep Devon's constantly flexing arms above his head Saint Sebastian-style. But instead of arrows, Devon's martyrdom comes via Jose's fists, which alternate between punching Devon's shredded abs and sinking in with long, deep, heavy pressure while Devon flexes and unflexes his abs and moans with pleasure. NOT recommended if you prefer stoic, silent victims -- there is no mistaking the fact that Devon is in heaven as Jose punctuates the ab workover with punches to Devon's ripped pecs and loving attention to Devon's beautiful, perky nipples, which are as big an erogenous zone for him as his belly button. He also fondles Devon's bulge - another giveaway. The smoldering erotic chemistry between these two is not to be missed. A must-have for those who know that muscle worship and gut punching go together like chocolate and peanut butter on a cheat day. ;)

Gut Punched and Muscle Worshiped in the Shower: Who knew Jose had a romantic side? Turns out he's always fantasized about showering with a muscle stud he's just beaten up, so he and Devon made that fantasy a reality. This scene was filmed right after Jose had brutally worked over Devon's ripped abs, so there's more tenderness here as Jose slides up against Devon from behind and fastens the seatbelt, digging his fists into Devon's navel and shrinking his tiny waist even further with the pressure. The guys had just been through two gut punching sessions where they gave all, so this one's a little mellower, emphasizing the beauty of Devon's shredded abs, succulent nipples, and veiny muscles under running water - and Jose's pleasure in running his hands along every sculpted inch. Nipple lovers will delight in Devon's legendary "twins" and how the normally brutal Jose lovingly caresses them. The video starts with Devon flexing in his underwear in the shower for about 30 seconds, then cuts Devon naked in the shower, quickly joined by Jose. You glimpse some peen here and there, but this clip is all about Devon's muscle and the sensual camaraderie between two guys enjoying a well-earned shower together after working up a sweat. Near the end Jose hops out, grabs the camera and treats us to some closeups of Devon's bodybuilding poses. That's when you see the redness on his chest and abs and realize we aren't kidding when we say Jose had worked him over good before they showered! :)

Icing Devon's Sore Abs Between Beatings: After having his ripped abs mercilessly pounded two nights in a row, Devon needs ice therapy if he's going to withstand the 2-on-1 beating that's coming up. So Jose does the honors of melting ice along Devon's torso, taking care to linger on his succulent nipples and finger his belly button as Devon flexes his muscles and moans in ecstasy. There's light gut and pec punching in this clip, but it's mainly the sweet calm between storms as Jose caresses and lightly claws Devon's sore, shredded abs. If you think icing between rounds is cheating, don't worry. Devon's punishment in the next scenes is brutal.

Battered in the Berkshires (2-on-1) Part 1: Devon's ripped abs have been beaten mercilessly two nights in a row, and now Jose and Tristan are teaming up to do the real damage. Part 1 begins and ends with Tristan and Jose holding Devon up with his arms spread crucifix style while they take turns pounding his abs with hard shots. They also play with his irresistible nipples, making sure his moans of pleasure aren't just coming from their punches. But things really get intense when Jose puts Devon in a full nelson as Tristan lets his hands fly. All three guys are fully in their element here: Tristan unleashes a torrent of lightning-fast blows, interrupted at times by sinking slower, heavier bombs into Devon's belly button or by caressing or clawing his abs. Jose masterfully varies the slack with which he lets Devon dangle or pulls him tight and pressures his neck, beautifully underscoring Devon's powerlessness. And Devon groans and growls with a raging defiance, flexing so hard it's all Jose can do to keep from getting lifted off the floor -- or knocked over as Tristan rams in furious punch after furious punch. This is what erotic gut punching is all about, and you get little glimpses of the camaraderie between the guys to boot.

Battered in the Berkshires (2-on-1) Part 2: Devon spends Round 2 in a familiar postion - a full nelson courtesy of Jose - but this time they're laid across the bed, the better to stretch out Devon's ripped torso. Wearing MMA gloves, Tristan teases Devon's abs before sinking his fist into the belly button as Devon urges him to dig deep. Then the punches start landing at a blistering rate while Devon groans in a combination of agony and ecstacy. Having already survived not only Round 1 but two back-to-back nights of gut bashing, Devon doesn't experience one easy minute in this clip -- every punch is a true test. Maybe that's why he shudders as Tristan switches to boxing gloves, knowing the padding will only enable Tristan to hit harder, sparing his knuckles from taking too much damage as they slam into Devon's rock-hard abs again and again. Tristan also not only sinks but bounces all his weight through alternating gloved fists into Devon's belly button, making sure to slam his fist extra hard with each landing as Devon's moans register every change in intensity, and several times his restrained arms involuntarily try to fly forward. Then the gloves come off and we're treated to a bare-knuckle version of all of the above. And just as Devon thinks he's about to get a break, out of nowhere Tristan starts head butting him in the navel and the grunts and growls get even more intense. After another barrage of punches Tristan finally winds down the round and we get a view intimate moments when the guys think the camera has stopped filming.

Battered in the Berkshires (2-on-1) Part 3: Part 3 begins with Devon flexing his muscles and admiring his shredded physique in the mirror. His hands are cuffed to the back of a collar around his neck and he twists and strains to expose every rippling muscle both to the camera and for his own enjoyment in the mirror. He even hits a nice stomach vacuum. Devon's posing routine is short-lived, however, as Tristan grabs him, pounds his abs, wrestles him to the bed and begins another devastating assault on his ripped belly yet -- aggressively channeling all Tristan's body weight into Devon's navel through his MMA-gloved fist, devastating knees, and then his feet as Tristan begins ruthlessly trampling Devon. When he finally steps down, Devon is helplessly shuddering with a combination of relief, pleasure, pain, and fear. And his bulge has gotten huge, as Tristan helpfully shows the camera. But now Jose, who has been filming the scene, hands the camera to Tristan so Jose can have a go at Devon, who before this series was filmed had already endured back-to-back nights of viscous abdominal abuse and whose abs by now are beyond sore. Needless to say, Jose shows no mercy with his medley of fists, elbows, and knees to Devon's exhausted abs. We hear Devon whimpering helplessly as the camera finally turns away.

Battered in the Berkshires (2-on-1) Part 4: After getting his abs beaten two nights in a row--plus three 2-on-1 rounds with Tristan today--Devon's strength is thoroughly depleted, so we start out with Jose filming along his weary muscular body as he lies on top of Tristan, who caresses him from behind, playing with his beautiful nipples and feeling his torso. It becomes clear just how sore Devon's abs are when applying just a little pressure to rub them causes involuntary outbursts from our tired jobber. Before long, though, the punches resume and Devon puts his game face back on, guiding Tristan's fist to his belly button. Devon moans in ecstasy as Tristan grinds and twists his fist in semi-circular motions, drilling into Devon's navel. Then Tristan gets Devon's tiny waist in a scissor lock and squeezes. Devon's groans gradually get more labored as Tristan squeezes the air out of him. This series is so hot the PREVIEWS became an instant gut punching classic when they appeared on YouTube (which ended up censoring the channel). The full unedited clips are required owning for any true lover of the sensuous sweet spot between gut punching and muscle worship.

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Three Days of Pain Gumroad Edition (Gut Punching, Muscle Domination, 2-on-1 etc.)

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