Blindfolded Devon Gets His Brutal Comeuppance

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The tension between Devon and his nemesis, a hot San Francisco muscle step-daddy, has been building for 15 years, when Devon lived in SF and they were workout partners at the old Muscle System gym you could work out shirtless in. It all comes out when Devon shows up to finally get the beating he's wanted and deserved for so long. He assumes they'll talk and go over ground rules before they start, but the muscle nemesis has a blindfold waiting on the doorknob and orders Devon to enter wearing it, so he immediately starts filming and puts it on, laughing a little -- for the last time.

The nemesis grabs Devon by the throat, slams him against the fridge, rips apart Devon's tight American-flag tanktop, and immediately launches a shock-and-awe assault not just on Devon's shredded abs but on his rock-hard biceps, which the nemesis relentlessly punches as he orders the blindfolded Devon, who's quickly realized he's getting more than he bargained for, to keep flexing.

The 27-minute assault includes swift hard kicks to the midsection, trampling and stomping that leave a vivid shoe imprint across Devon's abs, brutal punches to Devon's wide lats (which the muscle step-daddy makes him display in the lat spread the step-daddy's always envied), devastating strikes across the abs and plunges into the navel with a wooden billy club, clamps in tandem with punches to the pecs, and endless, ruthless punches to Devon's ripped biceps -- and of course deep fists to Devon's indefatigable abs and belly button, none of which the blindfolded and often handcuffed Devon can see coming.

The long friendship and chemistry between these two is evident throughout -- at least it is when Devon's moans of pleasure/pain and howls of protest don't it out -- and before it's all over Devon's calling his nemesis step-daddy. This brutal comeuppance was not pre-planned or choreographed in any way -- it is 100 percent unscripted, spontaneous war on Devon's beautiful, vulnerable physique at the hands of someone who's been wanting to do it a very, very long time and knows how to make Devon pay for every cocky thing he's ever said.

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Blindfolded Devon Gets His Brutal Comeuppance

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